Production of components and assemblies in composite materials for the aeronautics sector
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REXIAA: the parent company of the REXIAA Group

In 1986, Philippe Moniot created REX COMPOSITES in Issoire in the Auvergne region to develop high performance composite solutions for the aeronautics industry.
Positioned on the production of complex small runs for the aeronautics industry, we quickly equipped ourselves with advanced technology in the field of composite materials (automated fabric cutting with fibre placement optimization, laser positioning 5-axis water jet cutting, autoclaves, 3 and 5-axis CNC machines, ...).
In the space of 20 years, we have increased the size of our workshops by a factor of 30. Subsidiaries with complementary expertise in composite materials, tooling and metal parts (sheet metal and mechanical) as well as hybrid components were gradually added to the parent company.
Notably, in 1995, we took over ISSOIRE AVIATION. More recently, in 2010, it was a company within the SAGEM group, specializing in precision engineering runs for the defence sector, which was brought into our group.
Now, we work in partnership with 7 group subsidiaries, each specializing in its own trade and its own know-how in the mastery of composite, metal and hybrid materials, both in manufacturing and repair.
In 2011, REX COMPOSITES changed its name to REXIAA. At the same time, we reorganized all the subsidiaries to create the REXIAA Group (8 companies, 500 employees) and launch a new strategic development project.

From REX COMPOSITES to REXIAA: 25 years of innovation

1986: Creation of the joint stock company REX COMPOSITES, by Philippe MONIOT (with an initial 300m² of workshop space).
1987 - 1991: Successive extensions to the workshops.
1994: First certification REX COMPOSITES by Eurocopter for the production of high performance composite parts and sub-assemblies

New extensions.
First recognition of the quality system by an official organization: "QUALIFAS".
1998: Installation of REX COMPOSITES’ first autoclave on its site.
1999: Installation of a second autoclave with a larger capacity.
2000: Installation of the 3-axis CNC equipment for making moulds in PROLAB and trimming composite parts.
Installation of the first GERBER CNC system for cutting fabric and marking folds.
Qualification of the company by SNCF for the production of parts for the TGV.
2001: Work begins to extend the site to accommodate the company SACS, a subsidiary specializing in pre-impregnated materials storage operations for the whole group (1,600m² of covered space), cutting and machining of composite materials.
2002: Installation of the fourth autoclave. Setting up of the first 5-axis CNC equipment for machining soft materials.
Setting up the first wrapping assistance system with laser positioning.
Jacques MONIOT, son of the founder, became Managing Director.
2003: Installation of painting equipment for large assemblies (10 metres long).
2005: Installation of an oven for large-scale components (5 metres).
Acquisition of a second 5-axis machining centre for soft materials.
2006: Installation of three new 5-axis machining centres for soft materials and a 3-axis machining centre for hard materials.
2009: Installation of a 5 axis water jet cutting machine.
2011: REX COMPOSITES merges with its subsidiary SACS.
REX COMPOSITES becomes REXIAA to accompany the new REXIAA GROUP strategic development project.

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